You and me

So where are we now?

Thinking of the first time we met, you were on stage, we were graduating high school. Didn't really know you then, didn't know what were coming.

It would take a year more before it all started. We met at this party, remembering, you come up with the stupidest line of all, I didn't mind it thought.

I couldn't get my eyes from you.

So we started hanging out.

Then the army needed you, so you had to go.

A year went by so fast, we lived our life apart.

You decided to go north before you came back; another year went by so fast.

Then you were here, texting me from a town close by, but you wouldn't stay for long, you would sell a house and be on your way. So you left again, leaving me alone again, another year went by.

Then you moved back, texted me up.  Summer's on its way.

You had a girlfriend thought, but it wouldn't be for long.

Summer went by so fast, and we'll se what happened next.

(Casper det kuleste spøkelse, jeg fant han på google)

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